Our Authors



Adams, Barlow – Dominar (poetry)
Adams, T.H. – The Ogre Next Door (fiction)
Aglat, Veronique – Lucky Seven (fiction)
Aignend, Daginne – Cycleoflife (art)
Aignend, Daginne – Nervous (poetry)
Aitchison, James – Kakadu (poetry)
Anastasiadou, Mileva – Mindtripper (fiction)
Anderson, Craig – Horns (fiction)
Anthes, Madeline – Red Knight (fiction)
Archer, Jules – On oooooh-ghosts, microfiction, and potential novels (interview)
Arciniega, Laura– Two Stories (fiction)
Atkinson, David S. – The French Have Some Explaining to do Regardless Whether or not the Irish Authorize the Mortgage Refinance (fiction)
Auder, C.B. – Calling the Shots (fiction)


Ball, Ray – Statute 718.112A (fiction)
Bambrick, Donald – Meeting (fiction)
Barbeito, Brian Michael – Two Photographs (art)
Barton, Cath – Looking into the sun (fiction)
Barton, Cath – Un chat couvert de fleurs (fiction)
Begg, Charlotte – Moon Seeds (art)
Bendell, Justin – Some Nights (fiction)
Benson, Cara – Civilians (fiction)
Berry, Philip – Good Time Manual (fiction)
Bhuvaneswar, Chaya – On #MeToo, elephants, and writing for writing’s sake (interview)
Bhuyaneswar, Chaya – Two glass dolphins smelling her perfume (fiction)
Bidar, Patricia Quintana – Mott (fiction)
Bigham, Sarah – Fighting the follicles, that may be my undoing (poetry)
Binkley, Mason – An Unlikely Inheritance (fiction)
Bonder, Jessica – Imaginary Boyfriend (fiction)
Bresser de Campos, Cristina – Memories (fiction)
Briseño, Stephen – Three Poems (poetry)
Broder, Melanie – Two Poems (poetry)
Bryce, Cavin – Today Is Tomorrow and Vice Versa (fiction)
Bucksaw, Toom – Holly Lake Creature (fiction)
Burross Grisanti, Tamara – Everyday Inconveniences (fiction)


Campbell, Kayleigh – Days turn into months, months turn into you (poetry)
Campbell, Steve – #2,922 (fiction)
Cannarella, Jane-Rebecca – Static (fiction)
Changming, Yuan – East Idioms Reinterpreted (poetry)
Chansarkar, Sara Saddiqui – Migrant Me (poem)
Clark, Chloe N. – Everyone’s at Our Place, Even Though We’re Gone (fiction)
Clark, Chloe N. – On murder bunnies, levity, and freelance editing (interview)
Clark, Neil – 2016-2021 (fiction)
Clubb, John & Robotham, Jackie – Mini Novel in a Different Voice (fiction)
Cole, Raven J – Rougarou (fiction)
Conway, Hunter – I Dream You Here (poetry)
Cormick, Craig – Marco Polo Gets Lost at Beijing Airport (fiction)
Crane, Marisa – Ornamental (fiction)
Crawley, Dan – Just Stick It Out With Me (fiction)
Cunningham, Irene – Two Micros (fiction)


Dahlke, Travis – Transition Lenses / Constant Fear (fiction)
Dale, Josh – The Dream No One Imagined (fiction)
Day, Cycivilis – John Cabot (fiction)
Day, Timothy – The Cactuses Are Turning Grey (fiction)
Dean, Tommy – If I was the Sunset (fiction)
Deglane, Wanda – Love in the Time of Millennial Anxiety (Part 1) (poetry)
Dennison, Sean – The Doughnut is Edible Infinity (fiction)
Desai, Harshal – The Other Side (art)
Desai, Harshal – Light in a Broken Column (art)
Desai, Harshal – NGC 7293 (fiction)
Desai, Harshal – Learning To Count (fiction)
Diaz, James & Horan, Elisabeth – I Hate (poetry)
di Belmonte, L. Bruno – Funeral at the Cherry Funeral Slip (fiction)
Difalco, Salvatore – Pasta Water (fiction)
Difalco, Salvatore – Two In Twilight (fiction)
Difalco, Salvatore – The Assassination of a Mexican Revolutionary (fiction)
Difalco, Salvatore – Falsetto (fiction)
Dorwart, Laura – Surgery (fiction)
Doyle, Jacqueline – Interrogation (poetry)
Doreski, William – Data Flow (poetry)
Drew, Christopher M. – Wonderland (fiction)
Dronsfield, Ken Allan – Mythos of the Cthulhu Monster (fiction)
duncan, teddy jr – a penny’s brief roll down a street beneath the lit up streetlight (fiction)


Eells, Justin – Cheddar (fiction)
Eppinger, Laura – Lenten Restrictions (fiction)


Falkner, Jennifer – Kaleidoscopic When They Dream (fiction)
Faura, Ryan L. – Gump (fiction)
Flanagan, Ryan Quinn – Two Poems (poetry)
Foran, Pat – Futures (fiction)
Fox, Samuel J. – It Has Beautiful Weather, This World (poetry)
Fox, Samuel J. – Sorcery (poetry)
Fuhrer, Erik – A Copper Sun (fiction)
Fulleton, Kristin – Sleep Reading (fiction)
Fuqua, CS – The Poet (fiction)


Gardner, Kitty – Dream Silent (fiction)
Garrett, Kate – For Josephine (poetry)
Gordon, Hannah – On any given winter night (poetry)
Goveas, Anita – Precious (fiction)
Goveas, Anita – Half-and-half (fiction)
Goveas, Anita – Crime and Punishment (fiction)
Greenwood, Donna – Monsters (fiction)
Guerrero, Sydney Paige – Of Broken Things (fiction)


Hahn, Shenan – The Rockabilly Queen of Alaska (fiction)
Hamblin, Lee – Beyond Listening (poetry)
Hanlon, David – Crying Bones (poetry)
Hardin, Catherine – An Inconvenient Haunting (fiction)
Harjunpää, Matilda – Simple Blood (fiction)
Hartsuyker, Candace – Magician Man (fiction)
Hayes, Nicholas Alexander – Fervor (fiction)
Hayes, Nicholas Alexander – Industrious (fiction)
Hayes, Nicholas Alexander – Accommodations (fiction)
Heil, Aaron – Rock ‘n Roll Made My Truck Fly (fiction)
Hemmings, Kyle – The Blue Room (fiction)
Hemmings, Kyle – Two Haibun (poetry)
Herbert, Dennis Scott – Inventory of the Friend Zone from an Abandoned Roadside Sex Shop off I-88 (fiction)
Horan, Elisabeth – Two Poems (poetry)
Horan, Elisabeth – Midlifery (poetry)
Housten, Betsy – The Wrong Drawer (poetry)


Iacono, Christopher – The Anderson Bridge (fiction)


Jackson, James Croal – Macaroni (poetry)
James, Soren – A Writing Mom (fiction)
Jamieson, Erin – Pixelated (fiction)
Jendrzejewski, Ingrid – The Gun (fiction)
John, Steven – Campo Out (fiction)
Jones, Gaynor – Girls Who Get Taken (fiction)
Jordan, Susannah – Turned (art)
Jowett, Sam – Amerema (fiction)
Jurinski, Patty – Peaches & Dreams (fiction)


Kammerud, Chris – On the Way Down (fiction)
Kander, Anna – The Quizzical Lizard (nonfiction)
Kanta, Sneha Subramanian – Notes de jonction (poetry)
Kanta, Sneha Subramanian – In-media-res (fiction)
Kanta, Sneha Subramanian – Twenty-first Century Mrs. D (fiction)
Kawakami, Lunous – Raindrops (fiction)
Keenan, Cassandra – Coffee Lover (fiction)
Kern, Garwood – All Happiness Is Forgetfulness (fiction)
Kilgore, Joe – The Pond (fiction)
King, Ani – Northern Michigan (poetry)
King, Ani – Family (poetry)
Kinsman, Amy – Re: Our Apocalypse Plans (fiction)
Kirkwood, Amy J. – While you were sleeping (fiction)
Knight, Jamie Lee– DIY Apartment Kitchen Universe (poetry)
Krannie, Nooks – Entrée (poetry)
Kurilla, Trina – A Green Thumb (fiction)
Kynefin, H – The Carnivores and The Children (fiction)


LeBlanc, Courtney – Cut (poetry)
Lee, Mike – Angel Metropolis (fiction)
Leege, Roger – His Blonde (art)
Leege, Roger – Say The Secret Word (art)
Leland, Paige – Self Portrait with Early December (poetry)
Lennox, Charles – Vanishing (poetry)
Levine, Melissa – Two Prose Poems (poetry)
Lindsey, Ilana – Blossom (fiction)
Lock, Adam – The Dog Walkers (fiction)
Lohrey, David – My Dinner With Mighty Mouse (fiction)
Lopez-Maldonado, Luis – Realizing (poetry)
Lopez-Maldonado, Luis – Untitled (poetry)
Lopez-Maldonado, Luis – Lesbian Brown Boi: I HAVE A DREAM (poetry)


Marcus, Carmen – The Secret Junkyard (fiction)
Marshall, Denny E. – Life’s Pains (art)
Marshall, Denny E. – Limb-centric Artwork (art)
Marshall, Denny E. – Weights of Climbing the Ladder (art)
Martin, Jayne – The Elephant Roars (fiction)
Maurer, John – Sugar Skull (poetry)
McBain, Alison – Interruptions (poetry)
McCune, M.P. – The Bully (fiction)
McDonald, Matt – Visitation (fiction)
McVeigh, Barbara – Dada Washington March 2016 (fiction)
Mesky, Melissa – Interstate 8 (nonfiction)
Milam, Chris – Storm Jars (fiction)
Miles, C.J. – I’ve Slept with a Sound so Beautiful I Woke Up Blind (poetry)
Miles, C.J. – It’s Been A Pretty Damn Good Day (poetry)
MiRo – Three Surreal Poems (poetry)
Morris, FJ – A Bridelope (fiction)
Mueller, Leah – Requiem for a Narcissist (poetry)
Myra, Willem – Editorial Note (poetry)
Myra, Willem – forevercacti (fiction)
Myra, Willem – On mongrels, doppelgangers, and alien mandatory reads (interview)
Myra, Willem – Jean-Jacques Rousseau Had Madame de Warens (poetry)


Naik, Pitambar – Genealogy (poetry)
Napolitano, Ehlayna – image/imaginary (poetry)
Nicholls, Evan – Old Sow (fiction)
Nicholls, Evan – Sushi Boy (poetry)
Niespodziany, Benjamin – Four Circus-y Prose Poems (poetry)
Niespodziany, Benjamin – Three Poems (poetry)
Nuttall, Kelsey – On The Menu (poetry)
Nuttall, Kelsey – We Don’t Take Light-Footed Lightly (poetry)


Oakes, Kay Billie – The Be-oaking of a Grove in South Texas (Pt. 1) (poetry)
Oliver, Carolyn – Colts (poetry)


Paradiso, J. Ray – Two Photos (art)
Pearson, Laura – First/Last (fiction)
Peercy, Zack – Raised (fiction)
Perkings, Richard King II – Love You Strangely (poetry)
Perkings, Richard King II – They Might Bruise (poetry)
Phillips, Meghan – Chastity Belt (fiction)
Philipp, John – The Great Snail Rebellion (fiction)
Pinkerton, Simon – I Thought You Had Wings That Came Out of Your Suit (fiction)
Poussin, Fabrice – Electric Chef (poetry)
Poussin, Fabrice – Two Photographs (art)
Power, Emma – Daydreaming (poetry)
Presner, Ellie – Stung (fiction)
Prevett, Alec – Volume and Displacement (poetry)
Prihoda, Michael – The Narrator’s Guild (fiction)
Puels, Raina K. – our second date, we drank whiskey (hybrid)


Rajessh, Ahimaz – Burdened and Bombarded (fiction)
Rajessh, Ahimaz – Dnw Olve (fiction)
Rajessh, Ahimaz – Whys of the Wise (fiction)
Rajessh, Ahimaz – Ragamuffins (poetry)
Rajessh, Ahimaz – The Secret Lives of Some Roaches (fiction)
Reed, Mary Lynn – Whispering Against The Wind (poetry)
Richards, Victoria – Kuwagata (fiction)
Rios, T. – Fourth Guy, With Gun (fiction)
Rogers, Mark – Toolbox (fiction)
Rogers, Mark – Three Penciled Excerpts from “All In A Day’s Work” (art)
Rogers, Mark – Three Inked Excerpts from “All In A Day’s Work” (art)
Ross, Emery – Tender Spaces (fiction)
Rouse, Jen – A Rosary of Women (poetry)
Rozzi, Benjamin – Cloning, as a Self-Portrait (poetry)
Russell, Kelly – No Longer Pristine (fiction)
Russell, William – Hades (fiction)


S., M. – Three Prose Poems (poetry)
S., M. – After a Brazilian Wax (poetry)
Sarnat, Gerard MD – Un Mes Después 2017 POTUS Inauguration (fiction)
Schlesinger, Eva M. – Girilla (fiction)
Segal, Rose – Consuela Y Conshita (fiction)
Sethi, Sanjeev – Amortization (poetry)
Shackelford, Marvin – The Need to Be Out of Place (fiction)
Shankar, Shloka – dementia (n.) (poetry)
Shankar, Shloka – make love (v.) (poetry)
Sharp, Ray – Laundry (fiction)
Simpson, Henry – The Great Snorting Wooly Mammoth (fiction)
singampalli, Sravani – Two Photographs (art)
singampalli, Sravani – Two Poems (poetry)
Sivan, Noa – Realejo (art)
Sivan, Noa – Two (art)
Sledmere, Maria – Disposable Lighter (poetry)
Slonaker, Adrian – The Wrapper (fiction)
Slotky, Ben – By The Time You Read This (fiction)
Smart, Matthew – The Singularity of Everything (Parts I and II) (poetry)
Smith, Carol Rosalind – Midnight Owl (art)
Smith, Carol Rosalind – Text Tree (art)
Smith, Michael Grant – Residence (fiction)
Somers, Jack – Yap (fiction)
Stamler-Goody, Claire – A Woman Is (fiction)
Stebbins, Sam – A Friend of a Friend Through a Filter (poetry)
Stefanescu, Alina – I Have Given Myself to Multiple Lobbies (fiction)
Stefanescu, Alina – On masks, being an outsider, and dread (interview)
Stefanescu, Alina – Facebook Post #917 (fiction)
Stone, M. – Assisted Living (fiction)
Stone, M. – On therapeutic poetry, wizards, and newsletter debuts (interview)
Stone, M. – A Measured Healing (poetry)
Suchenski, Lauren – tweets don’t fly, but birds do (poetry)
Syed, Annie Q. – Laboratory for Fixing Broken Dreams (poetry)


Taiga, Xenia – Night Lights (fiction)
Takahashi, Yong – Sink (fiction)
Tassone, Don – Ah (fiction)
Ten, Kristina – This House It Is Like (fiction)
Thomas, Katelyn – Upon Causing Disappointment (fiction)
Todhunter, Jennifer – In the Night (fiction)
Tuttle, John – Twisted Flamingo (art)
Tuttle, John – Two Photographs (art)
Tuttle, John – Three Photos (art)
Twigg, Matthew – Perfectly Healthy Behaviour (fiction)


Ulrich, Cathy – Girl In Pieces (fiction)
Ulrich, Cathy – The Sky Is Nothing at All (fiction)
Uncapher, Daniel – Supersoldier Marching Through Civilian Territory (fiction)


Velentza, Clio – Use Me With Care (hybrid)
Villaverde, David Joez – Modal Realism (fiction)
Von Houten, Corinne – The F Train (fiction)


Walker, Ben – Two Collages (art)
Weston, Lesley C. – In Whale-Song, She Is Become (fiction)
Weston, Lesley C. – Stockholm (art)
Weston, Lesley C. – All Is Burning (art)
Wiszniewski, Tomasz – Or the Heaping Highway (fiction)
Wood, Lorna – Hollow (fiction)
Woodman, Matthew – Three In The Morning (fiction)
Wührer, Charlotte – To Keep in the Sea of Change (fiction)


Yeoh, Chris – Moirologist (fiction)
Yzmore, Maura – Deceitful (CNF)


Zable, Jeffrey – The Price (fiction)
Zaczek, Alyssa – collection (fiction)
Zola, Jim – [untitled] (art)
Zola, Jim – Two Photos (art)
Zuckerman, Julie – The Air Is Humming (fiction)