“Moon Seeds” – Charlotte Begg


My childhood memories are deeply rooted in the rural island I grew up on. Days were spent in fields and beaches collecting flowers and shells, seeking comfort in nature where the presence of such beauty was absent from my home life. My artwork incorporates fluid surrealist memories against a backdrop of certain unfailing facts. Abstract environments and shapes juxtapose the texture of stark and bleak emotions from my childhood. I hope my artwork gives a gentle push to the viewer to recollect a time of simple pleasures and unstructured memories.





Charlotte Begg is a poet and artist living on the Isle of Wight, UK. She is the editor of Eye Flash Poetry, has four children, a dog, a husband, and a small cat that only she can see. She is currently in the haze of creating a poetry collection exploring her unconventional childhood, and hopes to release it next year. Check out her other artworks.



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