“our second date, we drank whiskey” by Raina K. Puels


& got naked on the couch in your basement like we were in middle school. you refused to come until i did, poet with triumphant cock. i didn’t say goodbye before i snuck out in the morning; i thought the ‘i ❤ female orgasm’ button i pinned to the curtains above your bed spoke for itself. it’s been two & a half weeks & you won’t text me back, but keep liking all my posts on facebook & instagram. i’ve never received a ghosting this loud—each time your name lights up my phone, you shout ‘boo!’




Raina K. Puels is an Editor-in-Chief for Redivider.  She leaves a trail of glitter, cat hair, and small purple objects everywhere she goes.  Her work is published or forthcoming in Queen Mob’s, Maudlin House, Occulum, bad pony, and many other placesSee her full list of pubs: rainakpuels.com Tweet her: @rainakpuels 

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