MiRo – Three Surreal Poems


Bad Bad Ham asked for topical water and wrote left handed
notes on the floor of her local Synagogue.
She often drank too much.
Then her flat burned down.
Bad Bad Ham was either a person or a dog or a cake.
Not decided.



I met a man who had paper clipped his teeth shut.
He was a temporary sort of chap and he was pink.
He told me the tale of Regina who, upon hearing the news,
had changed her name to Bierhoff.
She travelled to Minsk holding a balloon and a dead pigeon
and also a balloon.
It was perfect.


The I.O.S.

Act 1
Mario had ruined everything the fucker.
So I made him sit on a chair in an empty room for two years.

Act 2

Susan Fisher became World Champion.
It went to her head.
She lost everything and her breath stank.

Act 3

On the other hand, Mark was generally bland.

Act 4

Not to mention
slicing conscious animals





MiRo is a surrealist from England. He uses automatism to write. His debut booklet “Cold Water versus Tropical Fish is available from miropoet.wordpress.com. Find MiRo on Twitter and Instagram as @miro_poet


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