Matthew Smart – The Singularity of Everything (Parts I and II)

The Singularity of Everything, 1 //

The secret to time travel is to point one video camera lens directly into another video camera lens, then press record. But on the second camera instead of pressing Record you rewind the video you recorded earlier. Let this run for five years. Start over, and play the new video and record it with the other camera. Then switch again. Then switch again. Once, there was a time when you started this recording, when you had only one camera. That time is forgotten now, but that time is also recorded each time you swap cameras, a shorter and shorter blur at the beginning of everything, at the absolute end of each and every recording of everything ever. The place where you knew who you were, and exactly what you were doing.


The Singularity of Everything, 2 //

Each and every star in the night sky is a different hue. They radiate themselves to us until they burn themselves out. In college I slept for seven years. When I awoke the trees and plants had traded color with the sky. What had been green was now blue; what had been blue was now green. A new study shows that most studies are misinterpreted. Yet all of our lives depend on these understandings. There is no evidence that the colors I see match the colors you see. Look at dogs – they do not see what we see, studies say they are colorblind. Yet they must have some kind of labels for the spectrum they observe. Each dog is a different form of radiation. We do not know how to measure such things, other than to give them adorable names. Now look at dogs looking at other dogs. And dogs at dogs at dogs. And onward down the spiral, towards the one inherent truth.







Matthew Smart lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he works as an information technology analyst. His poetry has appeared in Five2One Magazine, Queen Mob’s Tea House, Riggwelter, Unbroken Journal, Bird’s Thumb, and elsewhere. He serves as Prose Poetry Editor at Pithead Chapel. Find him at or on Twitter (@_MatthewSmart)

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