Limb-centric Artwork by Denny E. Marshall

2 thoughts on “Limb-centric Artwork by Denny E. Marshall

  1. I like your work – really bold. I find the signature and copyright mark distracts me and pulls me out of the world you’re creating.

    Mark Rogers 011-52-1-661-126-5854

    Now available: Red Thread from Endeavour Press Koreatown Blues from Brash Books Night Within Night from Endeavour Press Sky Dog from Endeavour Press


  2. Hello Mark,

    On most hand-drawn art, sign my name and date after the work is finished.
    Have done this decades, and before the internet.
    On cover art and some computer art I remove it, or will remove it if ask by editor.
    Having said that, glad you like the work & when I submit to FM in the future will remove just for you.

    Best Wishes,



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