“Interrogation” by Jacqueline Doyle


Was it after dark? Were you alone? What were you wearing? Was your skirt short? Were your jeans tight? Was your shirt low cut? (Well no wonder.) Were you drinking? Did you dance? Did you flirt? Did you kiss him? (You should have known better.) How many drinks? Did you say no? Are you sure you even remember? (He says he remembers.) Did you? Were you? Have you ever? Do you often? (A fine young man with a future.) Isn’t it true that? Do you really expect us to believe? (We know your type.) No more questions.



Jacqueline Doyle’s flash fiction chapbook The Missing Girl was published by Black Lawrence Press in fall 2017. She has recent flash in matchbook, Midway Journal, and Wigleaf, and forthcoming in Blue Five Notebook, Post Road, and Hotel Amerika. Find her online at jacquelinedoyle.com and on Twitter.

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