“Genealogy” by Pitambar Naik


I’ve been writing this letter with crimson-incarnadine ink
since the Neanderthal Age from a fossilized cave
It’s my sincere endeavours to be sociable with an elusive history
boycotting a draconian trepidation
I’m here to shake hands with ashy darkness year after year
and share a room with an oasis-hullabaloo.

Long, long ago I was a Sisyphus
before that a Phoenix
before that a melodrama with the slokas of mysticism
before that more or less ahimsa in Sanskrit
before that an interlocutor
before that a nomad
and much after that a great Romeo
this is my genealogy.

Down the centuries, I’ve been trying to explore a new human species
while leaving their footprints some of those old friends have hinted
I urge, come with me I’ll show you their betrayal in vivacity
exposed in silk naked in an open museum
come with me and see how they spread peace of barbed fence
how they plant their teeth as landmines
as an explosive slur
freezing their consanguine congeniality
I’ve been living, dying, living and dying like a chronic jinx.

We’re not in a permanent world, I know
may be a flood will someday flood the Pacific
an earthquake may whimsically uncover the cleavage of the Himalayas
one day you’ll certainly listen
that XYZ was an immortal Romeo, an imperishable legend
and you would throw a couple of thoughtful porcelain smiles
Do you think it’s something genetically developed or biologically morphed?
I’m waiting for a fresh breed of dawn.  It’s not a monotonous monologue
I’m hopeful for a newer world to showcase the old love.




Pitambar Naik is an Indian poet. Odisha is the state where he was born and grew up. His works have appeared in Literary Orphans, Occulum, Moonchild Magazine, Bhashabandhan Review, HEArt Online, Coldnoon Travel Poetics, Spark Magazine, and The New Indian Express among others. He can be reached at pitambarnaikwriter@gmail.com


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