Jamie Lee Knight – DIY Apartment Kitchen Universe

21Cover any porous surfaces with extra strength tinfoil to catch bubble splatter projectiles.  Write all equations down on color-coded graph paper to be lit on fire later.  Strenuously challenge wave & particle physics with the practical engineering of your geometrical configurations.  Hold hypothetical impossibilities math accountable.  If your gravity is repulsive enough this special environment will expand.  Seed your very own new dimension with a ten-pound baby black hole.  Add a thimbleful of protons colliding for energetic density.  Hold the complex trigger in your hands & weep.  Think of implicit danger.  Burn down the grids, grinning.  Drop the matches only after they singe your skin.  Look into your fingertip blisters in awe & sense the invisible scaffolding within.  Push the red button with your eyes closed.  Open them slowly & look around as nothing noticeable happens.  The butter is secretly molten in its Petri dish.  The portal to this newborn universe is waiting to be spread on toast eager for a primordial stew of digestive juices.







Jamie Lee Knight skates & spins.  She covers her palms in acrylic paint, dirt, glue, & high-fives.  She burns & shivers.  She’ll help you remove embedded slivers.  Her work has appeared in Crack the Spine, Third Wednesday, Zymbol Magazine, etc.  E-mail random selections of 10 words and/or phrases to jamiedemo@gmail.com.


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