“Laboratory for Fixing Broken Dreams” by Annie Q. Syed


Study past human lives by examining remaining material.
See a memory from a life you don’t remember.
Everything is visible in the dark, like a walk in Oxford.

Arrange memories like bricks in Edinburgh.
Stand inside The School of Athens and look for the Vanishing Point between Plato and Aristotle.
Gently grab the Tree with largest trunk, the one with velvet veins, yes, the one with moonbeams inside.

The scent of forgiveness comes with fumes.
The castle of Gravity has an odor: much is required of balance while walking in a meadow.
Misinterpreted dreams descend like vapors of false memories.

Molten iron melding memories in the center of the earth,
True faces of people,
Gamma-Ray Bursts inside yourself.


Annie Q. Syed is a reader and writer who teaches full time to inspire students to read and write. She has called many places “home” and currently resides in New Mexico, United States. Her stories, Collection of Auguries, were published in 2013. Recently, one of her stories was published in Ellipses Zine and another story was shortlisted for The TSS International Flash Fiction Competition (Winter 2017). Two of her stories are long listed at Reflex Fiction Winter 2017 Competition,  awaiting results. You can find her at http://www.anniesyed.com or at @so_you_know

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