“The F Train” — Corinne Van Houten


Lisa rides the “F” train from Park Slope to Manhattan. She stares at the rapidly approaching Manhattan skyline as the train speeds past smoking chimney stacks. The sky is a heavy gray striped with white. The train stops at Jay Borough. She looks through the window at the white-tiled walls, the dark blue pillars, the dirty pavement, and the chrome newsstand with magazines locked in glass cases. Everything in New York City has to be contained, locked up, kept out of reach of the impoverished, the criminal, the insane. The same policeman enters the car. She has no place left to go.





Corinne Van Houten is a freelance writer and art critic. Born in Atlanta, GA she has lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France; Marin County, California; Portland, Oregon, and now resides in Sacramento, California. For more information visit her website.