“Lucky Seven” — Veronique Aglat


Sex after six children didn’t satisfy him, too much space down south.
There was a surgeon who needed money. I had money. Lots.
A young woman, not too bright, but tight, so tight. He was captivated, captured, and I cried rivers. The surgeon heard, or maybe the devil did. He said: “Don’t waste your tears, let’s talk.”
I listened.
“Before the smack, I transplanted livers and hearts.”
His plan pleased me. Revenge as resolution, a solution.
The young woman is no more, but her tightness lives on between my legs.
Our seventh child will be a scheduled C-section.






Veronique Aglat is an emerging Canadian author. She likes to write about the changes that occur in women’s mind and body. She wrote a poem on that topic that was published by Anti-Heroin Chic. She lives in Montreal with her husband and children.