John Tuttle – Three Photos

Solid Bottle: Solid Color


Many of my more artistic photographs employ the selective color effect; it’s an eye-catcher that seldom ceases to prove its distinctness and attractiveness. And so, I obviously wanted to use it on one of the drifting bottle shots. For photographic purposes though, the bottle is never drifting. When it’s floating on the surface the aesthetic just isn’t there. It took several minutes of positioning the bottle just right in the floor of the shallow part of the lake so that it wouldn’t pop up and start floating away.


Turquoise Sea Messenger


The main inspirational concept for the drifting bottle shots was the old “message in a bottle” notion. This idea is seen in many nautical-related stories where sailors or stranded seamen send messages for help, releasing them to the sea, hoping beyond hope that their written cry is somehow found. I also went out to this photo shoot wanting to softly capture the sunlight glistening off the film of the water in the background. And I’m happy to say I eventually achieved in a few of the photos I took, “Turquoise Sea Messenger” included.


Candycane Lighthouse


Lastly, the photo of the lighthouse was taken, interestingly enough, nowhere near a large body of water. My mom has a fascination with lighthouses, and perhaps this interest has been passed along to me too. This one does not function as a genuine lighthouse, however. Its coloration is like a candy cane’s only replacing red with dark blue. It makes a fitting addition to this particular photo series.





John Tuttle loves clean photography and the creative liberty it enables him to have. It is simple yet beautiful. He is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker. As a photographer, he’s been published in the literary review Blue Marble Review, and has other photo pieces scheduled to be published in the upcoming weeks.

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