AHIMAZ RAJESSH – “Ragamuffins”


The UN barks for the umpteenth time
No one bites like a God anymore
Provision of Base aids genocide
Public stamp on Acoustic Ants
Monks duplicate irises
Plants trap children
I wash rags and you
watch unreality shows
Nations sell off stray civilians
Restored sick spot retained PillCams
Rogue youth hoisted as gory scarecrows
The firm Watchmen stand blind as Batmen
Red Cross sells civilian coordinates in Safe Zone
Delhi auctioneers cry antiques of Eelam
Homeless talk of common enemies
Literati lynch Body Politic
I wash your rags and you
watch my bruises


Ahimaz Rajessh has been published with MoonPark Review, Big Echo: Critical SF, Jellyfish Review, unFold, formercactus, The Cabinet of Heed, Speculative 66, Liminality, The Airgonaut, Occulum, Surreal Poetics and Jersey Devil Press beside many other zines. He lives in an Indian-occupied Tamil Nadu.

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