Two Photographs by John Tuttle


The Hunt’s Afoot depicts a colorful and classical scene of an Easter egg hunt set-up. The scene was situated outdoors in fresh green grass and natural lighting. I used an assortment of egg-shaped objects as the prime subjects. We usually get together with cousins of all different ages on Easter Sunday so we had a plethora of plastic eggs around the house. I used several empty ones, and they were all brightly colored.
A few of the eggs pictured are actually painted wooden eggs which comprise a seldom-glanced-at piece of decor in my home. The egg with the scarlet figures drawn on it in the background is one of these wooden eggs. Finally, one or two genuine hardboiled eggs were used, one of which is the beige one up front next to the dark brown one. I was able to get the right angle for this shot by laying belly-down on the ground.
The post-processing for the image was rather easy. With a few clicks, I was able to manipulate it into a “photo illustration.” After this effect was applied, it gave the front row Easter eggs a salt and pepper sort of appearance. The egg is a symbol of the renewal of life and is associated with the cultural side of the Easter celebration, calling to mind Christ’s resurrection from the dead that I and my fellow Christians honor every Easter.
The Cup Spectrum is just a nice piece. And it’s not a photo which took a half hour to prepare to shoot. I have my camera with me a lot, and I regret those times when I don’t. I was at the home of some good friends when I noticed this display in their kitchen. It was a real kitchen with real cups, and they were used on a regular basis. But when they were put back in their places, they were situated very carefully. The result is this fabulous, eye-catching display of coffee cups appropriately placed to form a pattern of complementary hues. Beautiful!
John Tuttle loves clean photography and the creative liberty it enables him to have. It is simple yet beautiful. He is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker. As a photographer, he’s been published in the literary review Blue Marble Review, and has other photo pieces scheduled to be published in the upcoming weeks.

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