became King of the Sushi Village. He wore triple X shirts like triple X robes because of the way they fit around his paunch. And soon his paunch became a belly, which became a rock, which became a cannonball. Isn’t it funny how that is the nature of cannonballs? They are unavoidable. Just ask Saint Ignatius. Just ask the Catholic schoolboy who could not abstain from the sashimi, the dragon rolls, the sides of crab rangoon. Now watch how he manipulates chopsticks. Watch how his breadth does not match the rest of him. The sight of the boy is unavoidable. And isn’t that funny? He is 200 pounds pregnant. In the stories that follow, he will be 400 and some change. The kitchen staff will tell folktales about his waddle towards death, and he will live in that way for years. All hail Sushi Boy, the Boy King! There is something miraculous in his being. How he has made himself conspicuous on a globe that looks so much like him.


Evan Nicholls has work appearing in Maudlin House, CHEAP POP​, formercactus, and Lost Balloon among others, as well as forthcoming in Passages North.  He is from Fauquier County, Virginia. Follow him on Twitter @nicholls_evan



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