“Raindrops” by Lunous Kawakami

mike-wilson-263697-unsplash.jpgIt’s a recurring miracle of life: a tiny civilization in a single drop of water. When it rains, tiny communities are created. Time bends to almost a standstill in every raindrop. Most of us believe that water only bends light, but water is magical, and it creates many stellar occurrences.
Inside these bubbles, inside of these raindrops, is a tiny baker, baking bread for a mother and her four children. A satisfied smile lights up her children faces. Take a short walk around the town and you will spot a bricklayer laying the foundation for a new building. Shops are selling this trinket and that bauble, but in the middle of town is a crazy man talking about how the world will soon end.
Onlookers ridicule the doomsayer, though the man knows more than they would ever want to believe. However, people go about their lives in this town, and they should! When a family is in their home, tucking their loved ones away, they will say “goodnight” for the last time and the raindrops will crash to the ground, ending their existence.
They will realize the man was right, but however brief existence is, it is still beautiful.



Lunous Kawakami’s discipline as an artist and a writer is in Surrealism and Existentialism. His works aim to be philosophical, and dreamlike and can range from whimsical to suspenseful. He uses all his various creative disciplines to influence each other and inform his style. Find him online on Twitter (@lunouskawakami), Facebook (Lunous Kawakami), or at lunouskawakami.000webhostapp.com


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