Two Poems by Sravani singampalli


Just a pinch of love

The river nearby my house is polluted. It has all sorts of trash: plastic bags, bottles, handkerchiefs, papers, and lives. The water smells like rotting relationships. Bottles of concern, papers of love, the first handkerchief gifted by somebody’s father, and plastic bags of negligence are one with the river now. Some have submerged and some are afloat, waiting for somebody’s attention and just a pinch of love that can restrengthen the weak bonds, make the river pristine again.



Drink the cup of love and become mad

There is love everywhere and in everything. Not her charming face. But a growing sapling. Not his kind words. But her anger and concern. Add everything in your cup of love. Add pain and appetite; add selflessness with a spoonful of happiness; add a pinch of mischievousness and some bittersweetness. Don’t wish for anything. Just think — you are nothing. You will surely become mad when you experience how nothing becomes everything.




Sravani singampalli is a published writer and poet from India. Her works have appeared and are forthcoming in Leaves of Ink, Scarlet Leaf Review, Gone Lawn journal, Tuck Magazine, Halcyon Days, Failed Haiku, Frogpond Journal, and many others. She likes drawing and painting in her spare time. Find her on Twitter (@sravanisingampalli) or  Instagram (Sravani singampalli).

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