“Twisted Flamingo” by John Tuttle


(full size)

I have done quite a bit of selective color photography, imagery in which three or fewer colors are isolated and the rest of the hues in the photo are converted to monochrome. I call this work the “Twisted Flamingo,” and it is one of a series of over 100 snapshots I took of a group of flamingos. It is the best out of all of them. It is subtle, but you can tell the soft objects in the background are black and white; the pink flamingo plumage is the only distinguishable color. This photo was taken over a year ago, and I have been trying to get it published for a long time. The formercactus was the first publication to show an interest. This goes to show you that you should never let your creative passions die. You should never give up.




John Tuttle loves clean photography and the creative liberty it enables him to have. It is simple yet beautiful. He is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker. As a photographer, he’s been published in the literary review Blue Marble Review, and has other photo pieces scheduled to be published in the upcoming weeks.

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