“The Carnivores and The Children” by H Kynefin


The carnivores know how it works: to replace feelings with numbers. Everything becomes a game, with them. They climb mountains in their spare time, so they can see symbolically sketched before them the kingdom that they will rule. They are born heirs, and lions in the mirror of glass illusion; but in the reflection of the holy water, they are wolves.


The children have too much time on their hands; or rather, they think they deserve time. Therefore they wander, and they are easily lured by promises. They love animals and they lack experience, yet they want to erase their history. Captivated by chrome in the sunlight, they hope to build castles in their mother’s absence. She has warned them of the carnivores and yet, she does not know the real danger: her beloveds and the beasts are kindred spirits. And so it comes to pass, when she returns home, she finds her children have befriended and become the eaters of flesh.




H Kynefin writes about myth, social structure and the intersections between place and our experience of the sacred. She grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Morelos, México. Her e-book, “Our Night Under Starlight”, is available on Amazon Kindle. Find her on Twitter.

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