Patricia Quintana Bidar – Mott

12Check us out! in our hiphuggers and platform shoes, lemon juice-lightened hair ironed back into cresting Farah Fawcett bangs, sharply conscious of ourselves as we lead with Bonne Belle lips, newly glossed after smoking one of the ten joints we purchased from local stoner Chuck Sands (RIP), those joints we smoke and smoke and which wouldn’t get a fly high, and we walk the interior perimeter of the Fabulous Forum while the first band, who call themselves “those bad boys from Boston” finish up their set in preparation for the main event: Mott the Hoople! with their cool British asides and swagger and tiny hipped jeans, and Debbie approaches a band of glitter rockers from Torrance who miraculously accept us into their circle and even let us try their hash oil; and then we are high in our row with the banks of lights spelling out “MOTT” stinging our eyes and then afterward falling into Debbie’s brother’s van where he has been waiting with his science fiction paperback under the farthest parking lot light, screaming at him to let us roll open the windows, screaming for him to blast Bowie, hanging out into the buzzing black and yellow Los Angeles air and the eye-10 all the way from Inglewood to San Pedro; our exit, the very last offramp, and then our gleaming kitchens and our waiting-up mothers and our flowered beds.






Patricia Quintana Bidar is a San Leandro, CA-based writer and flash fiction enthusiast. Her Twitter handle is @patriciabidar.

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