Three Inked Excerpts from “All In A Day’s Work” by Mark Rogers

These pen drawings are from a work in progress of writers and artists titled All in a Day’s Work. Saroyan in the shower. Simone de Beauvoir relaxing in the hammock. Henry Miller wandering the streets of Brooklyn. Mundane, everyday moments. About 100 drawings in all.

Each drawing was an act of faith since I didn’t sketch it out in pencil beforehand, work from photos, or ever use Wite-Out to obscure a drawn line. That’s also why the drawings stray from a strict likeness.

Ideally, the book will include writings from the subjects themselves or anecdotes about them. This will amplify the portraits and give them a voice. It will also slow down the process of looking at the drawings.

Three previous drawings have appeared in Issue 5.




Mark Rogers lives most of the year in Baja California, Mexico. His crime novel Koreatown Blues was published by Brash Books; Endeavour Press has published three crime novels, the latest is Sky DogFacebookBlogAmazon Page.

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