Two Haibun by Kyle Hemmings


I Am Providence

You thought tomorrow the sun would come out. Or maybe next week. Sooner or later, you’ll win The Lottery of the Fantastic. So you stayed in bed and only moved your toes when you felt the need to feel them. You stopped counting and believed that nothing-doing is the other side of richness. Then, you entered The New Ice Age. You tried to thaw but everyone around you told you to shut up and close your zipper. You realized it’s become too cold to live or win. You started to read Lovecraft. You found a friend between the covers.

box of chocolate truffles–
i share them
with myself




Underrated Advances In Science

Von Kleet had dedicated the bulk of his research to solving the mystery as to why so many of his patients were seeing small holes in the fabric of everyday life. A small but important minority of insomniacs similarly complained that they could see through transparent windows into the endless darkness of night. Von Kleet, Shoenburg,, came up with a solution. Patients were anesthetized and their eyelids were stitched shut. The scientific community applauded Von Kleet and associates. Some historians claimed that this added a new meaning to the term “closed society”. Then, several insomniacs who had participated in the research complained of “hearing fallen moons” during the night. Others, (of the non-insomniac group) reported that they felt the urge to “touch” themselves more often in order to feel “real”; since their partners had disappeared.

Price Is Right
a free trip to Palookaville
with your insane mistress



Kyle Hemmings is a retired health care worker. He has been published in Is/Let, Matchbook, Otata, Sonic Boom, and elsewhere. He loves street art, French Impressionism, Kate Winslet, and 60s garage bands that never charted.


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