“Sink” — Yong Takahashi


Let me sink into my sadness. I’m locking the door to all the well-wishers, optimists, and smiling heads. I don’t want to hear everything will be alright. I want to submerge myself into darkness letting what could have been, what should have been, what would have been tumble and scratch the recesses of my mind.
The fear that I contributed to the outcome wraps its tentacles around my heart and chokes out any attempt to deny complicity. The bitterness spreads to my lips as I remember the last words ever spoken. I have to live with that.
Let me sink deep under the covers as I breathe in the last scent of lovers. I fool myself that it’s as warm as it was when two bodies were intertwined.
Let me mourn.
In my own time, I will rise.
But for now, let me sink.





Yong Takahashi won the Chattahoochee Valley Writers National Short Story Contest and Writer’s Digest’s Write It Your Way Contest. She also was runner-up in Gemini Magazine’s Short Story Contest and Georgia Writers Association’s Flash Fiction Contest. To read some of Yong’s stories, please visit here.