“Dnw Olve” — Ahimaz Rajessh


What’s up with all the skyscrapers hoisting the Do Not Crash-Land Here signboards.
C’mon lets go dig out some billboards.

Those are two of the pearls from a human stand-up skit called Being Semi-Serious.
This is Dwn Olve’s, wherein the AI stand-up solves a single-question questionnaire:

Would you like to take the Turing test?

a. Like
b. Take
c. Pass

Dwn checks c.
Then strolls past a screen that displays TURING TEST. Dwn says as he walks: “See, now I pass it, now I’ve passed.” He tiptoes, takes a bow. He has them in splits.
Man is a reflection of woman on a flat surface, well, for the most part.
I, a story, know a story that knows stories and listen, look, feel and smell they go and I go that’s a little non-story; well, yea, to you she says and I say, oh yea, sort of, but tell me not to you.
Not a bad skit, but then while many of Dwn’s acts amuse, the most amusing thing Dwn does is his unabashed self-censorship. Amusing, but disheartening since one hopes an AI would tread past human stand-ups. Can’t have him blown to bits, oh, no! He literally costs fortunes.





Ahimaz Rajessh has been published in The Cabinet of Heed, Speculative 66, Big Echo: Critical SF, Liminality, The Airgonaut, formercactus, Occulum, Surreal Poetics, Cuento, 7×20, Jersey Devil Press, and Nanoism.  His writing is forthcoming in Milkfist and Jellyfish Review.