“We Don’t Take Light-Footed Lightly” — Kelsey Nuttall


Oh, Honey. You think that it doesn’t look easy to be so high, to be on top, to do tricks on the tightrope, then really you oughta try it on a loose one. (Wags a sassy finger, then adjusts her red bob) Many a pretty floozy has fallen hard ‘cause she’d been cut too much slack. (Mock whispers) Ya know Veronica was doin’ it with Marvolo for a while, and he thought he’d just put his pretty thang on a pedestal, ‘cept the pedestal was a quick trip right up over all of our heads and that backfired real quick. Reeeaaalllll quick. He ain’t been quite the same since. Guess he shoulda been sure that it wasn’t Ronny’s old beau spottin’ the ropes that night. Sometimes that’s how it goes here—you think you’re on a fast track in a quick car to the high life and you’re really two hot seconds away from a fast fall. Perform good as you can, but probably it’s not gonna last real long. Enjoy it while it lasts, Sweetheart. (Winks) We’re only in town for a night.





Kelsey Nuttall is a Washington D.C.-based poet. Her work has previously appeared in The NewerYork, DUM DUM Zine, Rose Red Review, and Silhouette Press.

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