“The Doughnut is Edible Infinity” — Sean Dennison


“The doughnut is edible infinity. Witness: a plush, sugary Ouroboros, slathered with the frosting of our mothers, sprinkled with cosmos. Perhaps the reason we haven’t elevated the doughnut beyond a bakery staple is because we produce them en masse. We bite, chew, swallow, repeat. Does the doughnut, the infinite, then become a part of us? When we bite into a doughnut, we are consuming perfection—the infinite, for perfection is the absence of regression, of stasis—while, paradoxically, creating destruction; the death of the infinite. Existential interruption, from an O to a C the doughnut becomes. Yet we hardly notice. Perhaps we’re compressed in our own infinities, actors birthed from our familial histories, which are themselves dictated by chance and circumstance. We blissfully march toward death, dissolution of the body, the cosmic assimilation of the soul, while humanity marches on and on and on and on… We create doughnuts just to destroy them, but what do the doughnuts think of us. Do we shape doughnuts, or do doughnuts shape us?”
“Yah, uh, I just want a dozen doughnut holes.”




Sean Dennison is a graduate of UC and a Marine Corps veteran. He tweets ephemeral bullshit @Professeanl.