“Coffee Lover” — Cassandra Keenan


She accepted the dishwasher job at the cafe because she liked the way soapy water smelled as it mingled with coffee, creating a creamy & fragrant mahogany brew.
She wouldn’t mind not wearing those ugly yellow gloves but would probably have to.
She wondered if the constant aroma of dish liquid and espresso would incite her coffee cravings all the more. But she also shuddered over the possibility of nurturing an aversion. (She would quit before this occurred…)
And what of coffee grounds—the way that they would always speckle the suds? She thought this just fine. She would like the coffee floating on the soap—like nutmeg on the head of a cappuccino, not like bugs on snow!
On her break, she would hunch over a latte with whipped cream at a table for two near the window. She would sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa and then sip and savor. She would reach for the cute little spoon and scoop.





Cassandra Keenan is a poet, flash-fiction writer, and visual artist living in Las Vegas, Nev. Her flash fiction has been published by Five 2 One and is upcoming in Gravel. It also has been featured as part of Left of Center gallery’s A Room of One’s Own exhibit in Las Vegas, which paired literary works with visual art. Additionally, her poetry is included in a women’s literary anthology titled “Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace”.