“#2,922” — Steve Campbell


There are 832 steps to the station and, after a 15-minute journey, there are another 276 steps to reach my connecting train. There’s another 35 minutes of bone-shaking before 543 steps take me from the station to my work. It’s the same journey in reverse at night. That’s roughly 3,300 steps every working day, one foot in front of the other, slowly building towards a daily total. I don’t count the steps individually; I’m not mental. My iPod has a pedometer.
My daily calorie intake is 2,100.
I’m not keeping track of these things for any particular reason. It started out of curiosity and now it’s part of my daily routine that I can’t shake off, like a morning latte (143 calories). There’s a phone app that can count my daily heartbeats, but I haven’t downloaded it. There’s probably one that will tell me how many heartbeats I have left, I haven’t downloaded that either.
We’re all counting. Hours until lunchtime, days until payday or months to the beach. I count the smaller things. 4 trains a day, 20 trains a week or 960 trains a year, for over three years. 2,922 trains and counting.




Established in 1973, Steve Campbell is a taller, designer, writer. You can find his words in places such as AdHoc Fiction, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Drabble, Moonchild Magazine, and Occulum. He somehow finds time to manage EllipsisZine. Follow him on Twitter.