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Kristin Fulleton — Sleep Reading
Ahimaz Rajessh — Burdened and Bombarded
Clio Velentza — Use Me With Care
Kelsey Nuttall — On The Menu and We Don’t Take Light-Footed Lightly
Melissa Mesku — Interstate 8
Harshal Desai — The Other Side and Light in a Broken Column
Alison McBain — Interruptions
Lauren Suchenski — tweets don’t fly, but birds do
Jim Zola — [untitled]
Cathy Ulrich — Girl In Pieces
Richard King Perkings II — Love You Strangely and They Might Bruise
Roger Leege — His Blonde and Say The Secret Word
Dennis Scott Herbert — Inventory of the Friend Zone from an Abandoned Roadside Sex Shop off I-88
Sam Jowett — Amerema