Tilt-A-Whirl – T. L. Sherwood

Our cheap motel room faces the pool. Every morning I watch a dark-haired girl dive into the deep end – barely make a splash – and swim six laps. The night after the horse show, I run into her by the ice machine. Olive eyes glaring, she asks, “What’s with you anyways?” At nine, I […]

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Trio Dreams – J. Ray Paradiso

1:03 I was standing in a car. A car on a train. A train like Metra’s North Line to Kenosha. And the train was outta control. Like a Mexican jUmPiNg bean. Moving faster, then s…l…o…w…e…r, then faster. Every-which-way. Suddenly, both car doors ope–ned. While the train was still m-o-v-i-n-g. So I clutched a pole. Playing […]

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Green On Red – Ashley Naftule

When I was six, my favorite part about eating watermelon was harvesting the black seeds. My parents would cut off the green skin so I could slip my tongue into ruby flesh and pluck out the seeds. I’d store them in my cheeks, piling up one black teardrop after another until I had enough ammunition […]

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Two Poems – Elisabeth Horan

40 licks Price of me is 40 licks, obesity, crawling with ticks — freight collision paranoia, virgin pants abandoned, a hymen, half/split, functions as a cape, red napkin, black heart, whichever one might sate. 40 sucks, 40 dicks, wearing the sore crown talking about how he never carried me ditch face tractor down came around […]

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Two Poems – Marc Carver

Show Me the Love In the morning I watched a film about a boy who was lead to the love of his life by the number 11. In the shop it was 11 dollars 11 as he went out the clock said 11 11. He boarded the bus, again number 11 got off and there […]

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