TWO PAINTINGS – Karen Little (kazvina)


Segregation shows a maze that appears to be gilded, beautiful even.  The creatures of the land are separated from the creatures of the air. They have evolved with skills useful if they had freedom. Both are unable to escape, squeezed in and removed from the possibility of integrating. I wanted to show the cruelty of segregation, however attractive the trap may appear to some.

Plastic Sea

Plastic Sea is a collage of ‘messages in bottles’. Once someone would throw a glass bottle in the sea in the hopes it would be found. It might be broken and eventually become sea glass. The messages in these bottles are more sinister. A cry for help of a different kind,  as the ocean becomes choked with plastic that will never break down.





Karen Little (kazvina)  trained as a fine artist at Camberwell College of Arts and has exhibited internationally. She is also widely published as a poet. Most recently she has produced a number of works where poetry and art are combined in the form of hand-made books.

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