COIN – Linda Dove

To make a new word is to make a new world. We coin the future moon, big and gold and haunted by its own sky—moonmoon, we say—like I say maemae or wrenwren to my hens in the coop because somehow doubling the size of the name is also a diminution, an intimacy. They live together, […]

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THE GLORY TREE – Sandra Arnold

Emily arrived at the house as the sun rolled above the roofline, painting the drab weatherboards lemon, turning the last leaves of the Glory Treegold. That was her name for the kowhai her father planted when she was born. In later years she used to lie beneath its branches pretending she was a princess waiting […]

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LORELEI ROSE – Alisa Willemse

A white mist appears, drifts towards me and brushes my cheek, gently combing through my chestnut hair. My dark violet dress dances around my calves. The fog settles, dissolving into a painting of crimson and scarlet. A sea of rose petals. “Find it.” A deep voice ripples through the air as something nudges me into […]

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