“Unitarian Marketing Ethos” by John Homan


Striving to explain what’s modern.
Defining all that’s current.
Your values twist and turn based on
those fragmentary moral tales published on
tiny pressure sensitive screens.

Reality is a moving target.
It never stands still in the crosshairs.
There is no razor’s edge.
The edge of reality is eight lanes of high-speed traffic;
ninety miles an hour with no law enforcement.

Your website advertises consulting prowess,
quality billable hours defining something that won’t stand still,
grasping oil in your hand,
measuring flour in a sieve,
building a snowman in the rain.

You believe…
That you alone can define
all that is trendy and modern,
that you are the prophet of NOW,
a hipster fundamentalist,
preaching a gospel of “I’m always cooler than you!”

One day you’ll look in the mirror and know it was all a lie.
We’re all the same under the wrappings of culture,
all looking for the same things.
Calling love, acceptance and an enduring purpose
by whatever name sounded cool this week.






John Homan is a poet and percussionist from the small town of Bend, Oregon. A graduate of Indiana University, his work has appeared in Chiron Review, Mojave Heart Review, and Quatrain.fish among others. John lives in Elkhart Indiana with his wife, daughter and two cats. For more information visit John’s website.

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