Submissions are momentarily CLOSED. 

Send your previously unpublished work as an rtf., doc., or docx. attachment to formercactus [at] gmail [dot] com. Follow the Shunn formatting. The subject line of the email should contain “FC” followed by the title of the submission and your name or pseudonym (e.g. FC – “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Dumas). While not required, a short cover letter is appreciated. International, diverse submissions encouraged. Authors retain all rights to their work after publication; we simply ask for you to credit formercactus as the site of first publication if your work is then subsequently reprinted elsewhere.

We prefer flash fiction, that is under 1,000 words, though we will admit a couple hundred extra words if the story truly needs it. Magical realism, transgressive fiction, surrealism are only some of the genres that most seduce us. You’re free to send up to 2 pieces at a time as long as they’re both in the same file.

We’re only interested in prose poetry (this concise definition also includes examples). We hold no grudge against the verse, it’s just that the paragraph has seduced us long as. Submit up to 4 pieces (500 words at best) at a time, all in one file.

Art & Hybrids
Send up to 3 high-res photos of your artwork as .jpg, .png, or .gif. There are no media restrictions—paintings, drawings, digital art, sculpture, photography, graffiti, comics, visual poetry, erasures (we’re big fans of Austin Kleon’s work) are all equally accepted. The magpie in us has us drawn to shiny, psychedelic things and to anything that can pack a punch, really. You can choose to include a one-paragraph artist statement.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment to our authors, but we’ll do the best to promote them online and nominate them for awards.

We typically respond within a week, sometimes even earlier. If that’s not the case, feel free to query us.