Special Double Issue 10: Call For Submissions


In July we’ll hit our first double-digit issue and we want to shake things up. The nine issues prior to it—of which, five already live and four more to go, with the sixth only days away at the time I’m writing this—have enjoyed a great disparity of artists, poets, prosaists, and hybrid authors—weirdos all, chief reason why we related to them. We rejoiced in stumbling upon such a lovely community and want to show our appreciation by putting together an issue that will top all our efforts thus far.

Ani*Kuri 15 shall lay the blueprint for it. As Wikipedia explains:

Ani-Kuri 15 (アニ*クリ15) is a series of fifteen 1-minute shorts that aired on the Japanese TV station, NHK between May 2007 and 2008. Intended as companion pieces to the Ani*Kuri program and as filler between regularly scheduled programs, the shorts were broadcast in three seasons of 5 episodes. Each short was directed by a different director and the episodes were collected and uploaded to the official Ani*Kuri15 website in 2008.

In the same spirit, we want to publish fifteen flash fictions (no longer than 600 words) and fifteen poems (limit being 600 words for prose poetry and 60 lines for verse) showcasing the best in terms of voice, plot, and/or character. Our Special Double Issue 10 will, therefore, be comprised of two sub-issues—a fiction and a poetry one.

To help us broaden our perspective and add a different touch to Special Double Issue 10, we’ve brought in two authors we, the staff, are capital-F Fans of. They’ll guest edit each a sub-issue. Make their acquaintance:

Fiction Guest Editor


Noa Sivan was born and raised in Israel and is currently living in Granada, Spain. She is a graphic designer and a writer. In 2013 she published a digital book of micro fiction in Hebrew called “Semantic Satiation”(שולחן שולחן שולחן שולחן) which was translated to English by Yardenne Greenspan, and parts of it were published in Eleven Eleven and Jellyfish review. Her work has appeared in (b)OINK zine, Lost Balloon, Ellipsis Magazine, Eleven Eleven Journal, FRiGG, r.kv.r.y Quarterly, and more. She likes dogs, photography, and whatever season she’s in.

Poetry Guest Editor

1C.J. Miles is the author of What Is Anything Without Pandas (Ampersand Books, 2018). His poetry has appeared in GravelThe Penn ReviewUnbroken Journal(b)OINK, and McNeese Review, among others.



So, in short:

  1. one submission per author;
  2. the flash pieces and prose poems can’t be longer than 600 words, the verse poems no longer than 60 lines;
  3. all genres allowed;
  4. the submission should be attached as a rtf., doc., or docx. file;
  5. the subject line of the email should read “S10” followed by the genre (Fiction or Poetry) and the title of your work (e.g. S10 – “The Count of Monte Cristo”);
  6. nowhere inside the file should appear your name: you can send us a cover of your prior publications in the email body, but the file with the story/poem should contain the work, its title, and nothing more.

Send your best to:

formercactus [at] gmail [dot] com

International, diverse submissions encouraged. Authors retain all rights to their work after publication; we simply ask for you to credit formercactus as the site of first publication if your work is then subsequently reprinted elsewhere.