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Nooks Krannie — Entrée
Denny E. Marshall — Life’s Pains and Weights of Climbing the Ladder
teddy duncan jr — a penny’s brief roll down a street beneath the lit up streetlights
Samuel J Fox — It Has Beautiful Weather, This World and Sorcery
C.J. Miles — I‘ve Slept with a Sound so Beautiful I Woke Up Blind and It’s Been a Pretty Damn Good Day
William Doreski — Data Flow
Susannah Jordan — Turned
Carolyn Oliver — Colts
Donna Greenwood — Monsters
Sarah Bigham — Fighting the follicles, that may be my undoing
Michael Grant Smith — Residence
Amy Kinsman — Re: Our Apocalypse Plans
Travis Dahlke — Transition Lenses / Constant Fear
Madeline Anthes — Red Knight
Charles Lennox — Vanishing
Justin Bendell — Some Nights
Chaya Bhuyaneswar — Two glass dolphins smelling her perfume
Ray Sharp — Laundry