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Editors’ Note
Alyssa Zaczek – collection
Emma Power – Daydreaming
Sam Stebbins – A Friend of a Friend Through a Filter
Ani King – Northern Michigan
Victoria Richards – Kuwagata
Anna Kander – The Quizzical Lizard
Evan Nicholls – Old Sow
Ingrid Jendrzejewski – The Gun
Sneha Subramanian Kanta – Notes de jonction
Lesley C. Weston – In Whale-Song, She Is Become
Christopher M. Drew – Wonderland
Hannah Gordon – On any given winter night
Ilana Lindsey – Blossom
Mary Lynn Reed – Whispering Against The Wind
Willem Myra – forevercacti
Charlotte Begg – Moon Seeds
Carol Rosalind Smith – Midnight Owl and Text Tree
Lesley C. Weston – Stockholm and All Is Burning
Noa Sivan – Realejo and Two