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guest edited by Willem Myra

Willem Myra – Editorial Note (an erasure poem)
Meghan Phillips – Chastity Belt
Sean Dennison – The Doughnut is Edible Infinity
Anita Goveas – Precious
Laura Eppinger – Lenten Restrictions
M. Stone – Assisted Living
Shloka Shankar – dementia (n.) & make love (v.)
Steve Campbell – #2,922
Cath Barton – Looking into the sun & Un chat couvert de fleurs
Philip Berry – Good Time Manual
Cassandra Keenan – Coffee Lover
Harshal Desai – NGC 7293 & Learning To Count
Luis Lopez-Maldonado – Realizing & Untitled & Lesbian Brown Boi: I HAVE A DREAM
Kyle Hemmings – The Blue Room
Mark Rogers – Toolbox
Sneha Subramanian Kanta – In-media-res
Don Tassone – Ah
Candace Hartsuyker – Magician Man
Joe Kilgore – The Pond
John Clubb & Jackie Robotham – Mini Novel in a Different Voice
Corinne Van Houten – The F Train
Salvatore Difalco – Pasta Water & Two In Twilight
Veronique Aglat – Lucky Seven
Lorna Wood – Hollow
Yong Takahashi – Sink
Ken Allan Dronsfield – Mythos of the Cthulhu Monster
Cristina Bresser de Campos – Memories
Raven J Cole – Rougarou
Ellie Presner – Stung
Katelyn Thomas – Upon Causing Disappointment
Sydney Paige Guerrero – Of Broken Things
John Philipp – The Great Snail Rebellion
Ahimaz Rajessh – Dnw Olve
Nicholas Alexander Hayes – Fervor & Industrious