Issue Five

cover 5

Kyle Hemmings – Two Haibun
Chloe N. Clark – “Everyone’s at Our Place, Even Though We’re Gone”
Xenia Taiga – “Night Lights”
Kitty Gardner – “Dream Silent”
Sneha Subramanian Kanta – “Twenty-first Century Mrs. D”
John Tuttle – “Twisted Flamingo”
Chris Milam – “Storm Jars”
Ahimaz Rajessh – “Whys of the Wise”
Salvatore Difalco – “The Assassination of a Mexican Revolutionary”
Mark Rogers – Three Penciled Excerpts from “All In A Day’s Work”
T. Rios – “Fourth Guy, With Gun”
David Hanlon – “Crying Bones”
Carmen Marcus – “The Secret Junkyard”
Raina K. Puels – “our second date, we drank whiskey”
Nicholas Alexander Hayes – “Accommodations”
Fabrice Poussin – Two Photographs
Lee Hamblin – “Beyond Listening”
Gaynor Jones – “Girls Who Get Taken”