Issue 9

cover 9.png

Alina Stefanescu – I Have Given Myself to Multiple Lobbies
Melanie Broder – Two Poems
Ben Walker – Two Collages
Barbara McVeigh – Dada Washington March 2016
Charlotte Wührer – To Keep in the Sea of Change
Adam Lock – The Dog Walkers
Benjamin Rozzi – Cloning, as a Self-Portrait
Amy J. Kirkwood – While you were sleeping
Christopher Iacono – The Anderson Bridge
Aaron Heil – Rock ‘n Roll Made My Truck Fly
David S. Atkinson – The French Have Some Explaining to do Regardless Whether or not the Irish Authorize the Mortgage Refinance
Dan Crawley – Just Stick It Out With Me
Claire Stamler-Goody – A Woman Is
Soren James – A Writing Mom
Laura Pearson – First/Last
David Joez Villaverde – Modal Realism
Ray Ball – Statute 718.112A
Toom Bucksaw – Holly Lake Creature
Wanda Deglane – Love in the Time of Millennial Anxiety (Part 1)
Patti Jurinski – Peaches & Dreams
M.P McCune – The Bully


On #MeToo, elephants, and writing for writing’s sake: an interview with Chaya Bhuvaneswar
On murder bunnies, levity, and freelance editing: an interview with Chloe N. Clark
On oooooh-ghosts, microfiction, and potential novels: an interview with Jules Archer
On masks, being an outsider, and dread: an interview with Alina Stefanescu
On mongrels, doppelgangers, and alien mandatory reads: an interview with Willem Myra
On therapeutic poetry, wizards, and newsletter debuts: an interview with M. Stone