Issue 8

cover 8.png

Yuan Changming — “East Idioms Reinterpreted
Jack Somers — “Yap
Jessica Bonder — “Imaginary Boyfriend
Jennifer Falkner — “Kaleidoscopic When They Dream
Annie Q. Syed — “Laboratory for Fixing Broken Dreams
Mileva Anastasiadou — “Mindtripper
Sravani singampalli — Two Photographs
Elisabeth Horan & James Diaz — “I Hate
Tamara Burross Grisanti — “Everyday Inconveniencies
Adrian Slonaker — “The Wrapper
Shenan Hahn — “The Rockability Queen of Alaska
Chris Yeoh — “Moirologist
Matthew Twigg — “Perfectly Healthy Behaviour
Jane-Rebecca Cannarella — “Static
Pitambar Naik — “Genealogy
Daginne Aignend — “Cycleoflife” & “Nervous
Marvin Shackelford — “The Need to Be Out of Place
C.B. Auder — “Calling the Shots
Josh Dale — “The Dream No One Imagined
Justin Eells — “Cheddar
Fabrice Poussin — “Electric Chef