Issue 7


Steven John – “Camp Out”
Rose Segal – “Consuela Y Conshita”
Pat Foran – “Futures”
Neil Clark – “2016 – 2021”
Craig Anderson – “Horns”
Timothy Day – “The Cactuses Are Turning Grey”
Sravani singampalli – Two Poems
Tommy Dean – “If I was the Sunset”
Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar – “Migrant Me”
Mark Rogers – Three Inked Excerpts from “All In A Day’s Work”
Jacqueline Doyle – “Interrogation”
Ryan Quinn Flanagan – Two Poems
Matthew Woodman – “Three in the Morning”
Garwood Kern – “All Happiness is Forgetfulness”
John Tuttle – Two Photographs
Catherine Hardin – “An Inconvenient Haunting”
Kelly Russell – “No Longer Pristine”
William Russell – “Hades”
Paige Leland – “Self Portrait with Early December”
Lunous Kawakami – “Raindrops”
Elisabeth Horan – Two Poems