Issue 6



Benjamin Niespodziany – Four Circus-y Prose Poems
Erik Fuhrer – A Copper Sun
Melissa Levine – Two Prose Poems
Eva M. Schlesinger – Girilla
H Kynefin – The Carnivores and The Children
Trina Kurilla – A Green Thumb
T.H. Adams – The Ogre Next Door
M.S. – Three Prose Poems
Brian Michael Barbeito – Two Photographs
Irene Cunningham – Two Micros
Ben Slotky – By The Time You Read This
Gerard Sarnat MD – Un Mes Después
Cycivilis Day – John Cabot
Donald Bambrick – Meeting
Denny E. Marshall – Limb-centric Artwork
Jen Rouse – A Rosary of Women
Craig Cormick – Marco Polo Gets Lost at Beijing Airport
James Aitchison – Kakadu
L. Bruno di Belmonte – Funeral at the Cherry Funeral Slip
Erin Jamieson – Pixelated
David Lohrey – My Dinner With Mighty Mouse