Issue 12

cover 12.png

Throttling – Tommy Dean
Seeking Social Animals – Ahimaz Rajessh
Now You Know Your ABCs – Kim Magowan
A Constellation of Oddities – Phil Huffy
Boomtown Lee – A.E. Weisgerber
It’s Not Hard To Put A Stripper In Cuffs – Kristin Garth
emptiness is in the air – Sudeep Adhikari
This Is How It Ends – Mary Hanrahan
Wrest – Carly Maria Hubbard
Two Poems – Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon
one string, sweet – Timston Johnston
The Balloon Artist – Adam Lock
Two Poems – J. Adams Lagana
Fighting Bull in Madrid – Mark Antony Rossi
Tongues Tied – Eric Andrew Newman
Vernissage – Sanjeev Sethi
A Property of Coexisting Bones – Savannah Slone
The Color of Assumption – Paul Ilechko
Language School – Brooks Rexroat
A Blue Finch – Ana Vidosavljevic
Shut-eye – Daniel Romo
Randy X – James McAdams
In Vitro / In Vivo – Bryan Harvey
Low Breeders – Sheldon Lee Compton
Sleeping With Your Boss – C.H. Coleman
Two Poems – Elisabeth Horan
Two Poems – Marc Carver
Green On Red – Ashley Naftule
Trio Dreams – J. Ray Paradiso
Tilt-A-Whirl – T. L. Sherwood