Issue 11

cover 11

J. Ray Paradiso – Two Photos
Benjamin Niespodziany – Three Poems
Hunter Conway – I Dream You Here
Emery Ross – Tender Spaces
Ryan L. Faura – Gump
MiRo – Three Surreal Poems
Jeffrey Zable – The Price
Maura Yzmore – Deceitful
Chris Kammerud – On the Way Down
Stephen Briseño – Three Poems
Ahimaz Rajessh – The Secret Lives of Some Roaches
Courtney LeBlanc – Cut
Elisabeth Horan – Midlifery
Marisa Crane – Ornamental
Daniel Uncapher – Supersoldier Marching Through Civilian Territory
Michael Prihoda – The Narrator’s Guild
John Tuttle – Three Photos
Patricia Quintana Bidar – Mott
Jamie Lee Knight – DIY Apartment Kitchen Universe
Laura Arciniega – Two Stories
Laura Dorwart – Surgery
Anita Goveas – Crime and Punishment
Kayleigh Campbell – Days turn into months, months turn into you
Jim Zola – Two Photos
Mike Lee – Angel Metropolis
Matthew Smart – The Singularity of Everything (Parts I and II)
Henry Simpson – The Great Snorting Wooly Mammoth
Kay Billie Oakes – The Be-oaking of a Grove in South Texas (Pt. 1)
Julie Zuckerman – The Air Is Humming
Kristina Ten – This House It Is Like
Matt McDonald – Visitation