formercactus 13

cover 13

Three Poems  Anhvu Buchanan & Brent Piller
The Flock  Natalie Vestin
dendrology  Yvonne Litschel
Three Poems  Ryan Quinn Flanagan
thresholds  Erik Fuhrer
The Garden of Fathers  Brianna McNish
Thoughts on the Run  Rickey Rivers Jr
Unitarian Marketing Ethos  John Homan
The Fishermen  Bradley Sides
Close Encounter  Sudha Balagopal
Mine  K.B. Carle
Could You, Would You  Mike Lee
A Canadian in New York  Karen Zey
Trust and Tecate  Paolo Bicchieri
Two Poems  Sanjeev Sethi
Big Trouble for Butterflies in China  Caleb Echterling
IKEA Bride  Berni Dwan
The Moon Shall Have Its Revenge  Chance Dibben
Awkward Customer  Dan Brotzel
How to Paint a Lady  Ogundipe Emmanuel
Go Ye Moon  Walid Abdallah
London Night Bus  Sophie van Llewyn
Did I Say That?  Meeah Williams
Rapture  DS Maolalai
Our Funeral  Karen Mooney
My Only Home Run  Terry Tierney
Flash Mob  Debasis Tripathy
Told By Clouds  DL Shirey
In Pushkin’s Country  Rosa Arlotto
Moongrammar  Roppotucha Greenberg
Driven  Sean Cunningham
The Stranger’s House  Tasha Cotter