TWO ERASURES – Shloka Shankar

center (n.) to escape (v.) Artist’s statement: These erasures are part of what I call my “dictionary” series, where I look at everyday words from an altered perspective. All artwork is my own. formercactus has featured more from this series here and here.       Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer and visual artist from […]

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CARROT – Michelle Ross

When Helen Cuddy was a girl, she once yanked a massive carrot from a grassy field in a public park. She’d thought she was ridding the park of a weed. When the orange bulge emerged from the earth, she couldn’t have been happier than if that carrot had been made of gold. A carrot! To […]

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        Jan Ball has had 273 poems published or accepted in journals like: Atlanta Review, Calyx, and Main Street Rag. Her two chapbooks and first full length poetry book, I Wanted To Dance With My Father, were published by Finishing Line Press. When not writing, Jan and her husband like to garden […]

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Millie rapped on the window, the glass cool beneath her knuckles. The girl outside looked up at the sound and paused. Her small russet-colored dog tugged at its leash. Millie beckoned to the girl, barely able to contain her excitement. She knew it must seem strange—an old woman wearing a floral print house dress, waving […]

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Policy: A strange nightmarish missile falls toward the ground in a dry mountain-lined region, possibly carrying poisonous gas. New Year’s: A celebratory scene symbolically depicting the flowing oneness of time, with a strange coastal base flying anonymous flags of light, and human-ish sea creatures calling to mind the long sweep of evolution. Sacred Sleep: An […]

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A STOPPING PLACE – R.E. Hengsterman

The pre-arrival of my arrival is the loss of a mucous plug and amniotic fluid splashing onto the floral Congoleum as Valium pulsed through my mother’s veins. The blue two-dormer Cape on the corner with black shutters and one-car attached garage screams middle-class. My mother just screams. The earth tempers my exuberance with reminders. A […]

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