Jesus is coming soon Miss Hooker says
and she should know, she teaches me Sunday
School, the skinny about God and Jesus
and the Holy Ghost, and good old stories
from the Bible, Parts 1 and 2, I mean
the Old and New Testaments, and that way
I don’t have to read it much, all those old
words, those thee’s and thou’s and begat’s and so
forth and I’m only 10, comics mainly are
my books, Superboy and the Legion of
Super-Heroes and the Justice League of
America and I figure as long
as evil puts up a decent fight but
loses in the end then that’s the way of
the world and Superman’s like Jesus, he’s
not from around here I mean and only
kryptonite can crucify him but then
there’s magic, too, he’s vulnerable to
that but Jesus probably worked the best
miracles, I haven’t read every
issue but I don’t think that Superman
ever raised the dead or for that matter
went to Hell and returned to tell about
it, not that I’m sure that Jesus did, lived
to tell about it I mean but I’ll ask

Miss Hooker about that next week, maybe
when she returns my comic book to me
at the end of class, I hope, I hid it
inside my workbook, the Doom Patrol was
what it is and I had barely begun
it when she snatched it from me and said that
it’s a sin to read comic books any
-way and a heinous one to read ’em in
Sunday School class and now I can’t figure
if she’s friend or foe and if I could raise
the Doom Patrol to life, not that they’re dead,
they’re just not exactly alive, not like
I am but I’ve been wrong before–if I
had the touch of life and brought my heroes
to it, to life I mean, would I help them
best Miss Hooker or would I help her beat
them–whose side am I on, anyway? That’s
the kind of burden I should pray about
but last night when I prayed that Miss Hooker
if she reads the thing won’t fold the pages
back, I fell asleep. This looks like a job
for–well, I’m not sure. The Virgin Mary?




Gale Acuff has had poetry published in many journals and is the author of three books of poetry. He has taught university English courses in the US, China, and Palestine

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