Policy: A strange nightmarish missile falls toward the ground in a dry mountain-lined region, possibly carrying poisonous gas.

5_New Year's

New Year’s: A celebratory scene symbolically depicting the flowing oneness of time, with a strange coastal base flying anonymous flags of light, and human-ish sea creatures calling to mind the long sweep of evolution.

6_Sacred Sleep

Sacred Sleep: An unknown creature sleeps deeply and snugly, symbolizing the universal need for undisturbed rest and glorifying this most fundamental form of peace on earth. In a world featuring greater awareness and harmony at every level of human life, people and all living things might regularly enjoy deeper and more secure sleep!





Warren J. Cox paints and writes in beautiful southern Virginia, where he also works as an academic editor. His painting has been featured previously in Empty Mirror, Five:2:One, Boston Accent Lit, and Red Fez, and his writing has appeared in many other fine journals. Find him on Twitter @WarrenJCox

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